Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Nocton Dairies Ltd - petitions

Farmer's Guardian Article

Nocton Dairies - is this the future for British dairying?

Early Day Motion - Update

There are now 141 150 MPs who have signed this Motion.

e-Petition @ Number10

There are now 351 431 452 489 545 signatories to this petition.

Nocton Hall
Good news.  At long last, action is being taken to protect the historic Nocton Hall from falling down completely.
Financial support has now been provided by English Heritage and an 'urgent works notice' issued.  Tenders for security to preserve the Hall have been received by North Kesteven District Council and a contractor is being selected. 
A 'stabilisation process' is being considered by architects, Anderson & Glen.  A meeting was scheduled to be held between all interested parties on 5th February 2010.

Four tenders for the remedial safety work have been approved by English Heritage and the contract should be awarded shortly.

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