Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Nocton Fen Farms - anaerobic digester

Anaerobic Digester to be built at Nocton Fen

A Lincolnshire Echo article appears to confirm that planning permission has been granted for an anaerobic digester on Nocton Fen.

Green power plant given green light by Lincoln County Council Planning Committee.

Nocton Fen Farms appears to be part of Carrington Farms - an all-arable enterprise that was created when a group of Danish farmers decided to invest in UK land, with James Thompson being recruited to manage the business.

More on James Thompson here.

Carrington Farms is in two locations - 1,520ha at Nocton Fen Farms and 2,050ha at Carrington Farms itself.  The company also has further land which it rents.
[Source: Crop Production Magazine - Sept 2008]

Carrington Farms located in Carrington near Boston, recently opened its gates to the public for Open Farm Sunday 2010 (13th June). It was an opportunity to meet the farmers who grow your food and care for the countryside.

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