Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Large or small scale?

Large-scale dairying still has a future

'DESPITE the lack of success of Nocton Dairies’ planned proposal earlier this year, David Alvis of Winstone Agribusiness Consulting said there was still a future for large-scale dairying in the UK and a good opportunity for producers to make the most of rising demand for dairy products.'

Pictured: The horrifying moment a ‘surplus’ calf was shot in the head with a pistol on dairy farm that supplies Cadbury with milk

'This is the horrifying moment a 'useless' calf was taken from its mother and shot in the head at a dairy farm in Bristol.'

Smaller dairy herds have scope for big savings

'Smaller-scale dairy producers can control costs just as effectively as those running larger herds, according to DairyCo.'

Nocton Dairies

The website for Nocton Dairies is no longer active.

For details of the successful campaign against the plans for the mega dairy, please visit:

High principles turn a big profit

'... in an unexpected volte-face, Nocton Dairies withdrew its application to build a vast mega-dairy in Lincolnshire containing Britain’s first “battery cows”.'

Mega-dairies ‘bad for business’: Deborah Meaden

'Mega-dairies filled with battery cows are not the answer to Britain’s dairy industry crisis, according to leading businesswoman and TV celebrity Deborah Meaden.'
Dragons' Den star calls for dairy farm debate

'Dragons' Den businesswoman Deborah Meaden is backing calls for an industry-wide debate about large-scale dairying.'

WSPA hits back at DairyCo criticism

'THE World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) has reacted angrily to claims by Dairyco that Deborah Meaden’s comments relating to mega-dairies were “astionishingly naive”.'

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