Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Sleaford... and North Hykeham no more?

Conservative Party to appeal over constituency shake-up plans for Lincolnshire

Nocton still falls within the Sleaford constituency boundary, but who will be joining us and who will be leaving us?

Boundary Commission for England

Want to see what all the fuss is about? If so, you can download the proposed boundary maps here:

Parish Council 'shake-up' too

There was a good public turnout for the meeting last night. It was noticeable that Councillors had put much effort in trying to improve the format of the meeting... and it worked. There was effective progress through business, whilst still enjoying effective public participation.

An Agenda showing the revised format had been published on the village noticeboard in advance of the meeting, so the fact that public questions had been moved in timing should not really have come as a surprise to attendees. This didn't warrant a rather petulant departure by one member of the public, although I could understand the underlying sentiment if they had not noticed the revised Agenda beforehand.

A new Chairperson was appointed - Councillor Kate Tyler. Her introduction encompassed a message of thanks to the previous Chair (Councillor Deborah Wilson, who resigned after the last meeting) and an announcement that the resignation will result in a vacancy. Councillor Tyler went on to explain that various changes to business are now to be put in place.

With the devolvement of power that is likely to impact on the Parish Council with the Localism Bill, it has been necessary to review various 'housekeeping issues'. It has been decided to adopt new working methods to streamline the whole process for public meetings:
  • The most major change is to request public questions 10 days in advance, in order to give Councillors time to fully consider their response before each meeting.
  • The Clerk will also make herself available for Council business between 1.30pm and 3.30pm every Friday in future.
  • Councillors will also be publishing their telephone contact numbers on the MACLA website, the email address will also 'go live' and where Councillors have their own email addresses for business, these will be published too.

Future meetings were announced:

1st November 2011
6th December 2011
3rd January 2012
7th February 2012
6th March 2012
3rd April 2012.

Full Minutes of the meeting will be published in due course on the MACLA website.

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