Thursday, 6 October 2011

CLAN Report

I have been asked to publish the following by our Community Led Action for Nocton group:

Great feedback after CLAN Launch

"Thanks to everyone that responded to our CLAN consultations during September.

We are delighted to report that there seems to be tremendous support for community led action in our village. Responses flooded in from across all areas with a host of suggestions, thoughts and questions on how to move forward.

Our initial consultations, suggested back in April 2011, raised the following points for potential improvements to our community.

1. Changing Utilitarian Lighting and signage for more vintage items.

2. The possibility of a village shop and/or café (with the opportunity to sell fresh produce grown locally by residents, as well as emergency groceries.

3. Residents wish to make use of the fenced field opposite the Village Hall (with recreational facilities for everyone).

4. Enhancing the overall appearance of the village with flowers and reinstating the old red telephone box and painting the railway bridge.

5. Improving the Village Hall to make it physically more welcoming, so that more groups will make use of it for their activities.

After so much positive feedback received from questionnaires delivered in the village during August, followed by the success of the official CLAN launch in September, the CLAN steering committee has been very busy processing each and every view expressed.

We were delighted to note that an overwhelming majority of the village agreed with the points raised above and that they generally represented their own aspirations. It’s great to see that people want to be engaged within our community and wish to see things happen for the benefit of all.

Over half of those who have responded to our questionnaires have rated the Village shop/café as being most important closely followed by enhancing and improving the Village Hall.

We already have a number of interest groups working together within our community and we asked them if there are more that could be formed. Some suggestions were made; for example a bridge club, more keep fit (evenings as well as during the day), arts & crafts and even line dancing.

There is now a realisation that many people are concerned that something needs to be done for the younger members of our community. In fact CLAN did not see any responses at all from the under 21’s category. This causes us concern and we need to find out more information by engaging parents and our children directly at the earliest opportunity. Those who raised these concerns suggested using the village hall as a pre – school activity or to provide better sporting facilities for example but only by further consultation will we be able to find the right path to take.

Over a quarter of responses raised concerns about the state of Nocton Hall and what will happen to this wonderful landmark. A similar number commented about the general appearance of the village which provides us all with a challenge for the upcoming Best Kept Village competition.

So what’s next?

It’s clear that we need further consultation and it’s our aim to consult every person within our community. Plans are now being discussed and formulated within CLAN to help us achieve this. So be prepared for a cuppa and a chat if we come knocking at your door! After all you are a part of our community and we need your suggestions, opinions and above all support. "

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