Monday, 14 November 2011

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Nocton Festival 2012

There is a new website to help further publicise what is going on in Nocton:

Nocton Village Planters
I am writing on behalf of the residents of Nocton Village to thank you all for helping in our Nocton Planters Project.
The wish for a prettier village and some planters was highlighted by a recent CLAN (Community Led Action for Nocton) questionnaire, the project was executed by the Nocton Festival 2012 Group with donations from:
  • Branston Potatoes:  Boxes and washed soil
  • The Mansfield Sand Company:  Fertiliser and Soil
  • Nocton School and Parish Church:  Hardcore
  • Park House:  Additional Soil
  • Bell Brothers Nurseries Boston:  All the Plants
  • Nocton Parish Council:  Funding
and of course all the willing hands that moved, filled and planted all three planters.
Thank you all for your generosity and enthusiasm.
MaryAnn Williams
Nocton Parish Council
Councillor Marianne Overton

The following is an extract from Marianne's November 2011 newsletter:

A joint committee of 12 voting people from 4 councils NKDC, WLDC, Lincoln & LCC have been planning where to allow 45,000 houses and 86,000 more people (over 5 new North Hykehams). The plan is designed to increase development over 20 years, but we saw how fast land was allocated once the permissive rules were in place, and then more was taken. That led to a boom and bust as many over-borrowed and house values fell. People tell me they want small amounts of development, in keeping with the roads, facilities and community. There will be formal consultation . The 160 new houses suggested commercially for Navenby have received overwhelming objection.'

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