Thursday, 1 December 2011

Nocton Hall - update

I am sad to report that I have not made any progress with obtaining information from North Kesteven District Council. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know I have been trying to uncover the historical record of all Council Officer's actions over the last ten years or so, in their endeavour to save Nocton Hall from total dilapidation.

I have had to resort to a Freedom of Information request because of the limited data supplied and have additionally requested an Internal Review as well, all to no avail. I am left with having to make a formal complaint to the Information Commissioner.

Just to remind ourselves what has happened to this historic Grade II Listed building, I have uploaded three photographs:

Nocton Hall - 1999
Nocton Hall - 2005
Nocton Hall - 2011
Soon there won't be anything left to salvage (you will see the northern chimney gable has now collapsed in the latest photo; the eastern gable upper bay window is looking very precarious too) - and following yet another visit yesterday, the fencing is down again - so much for 'security'!

I have reproduced my email to the Information Commissioner below so you can read this for yourself. Whether this will prompt the information I am seeking remains to be seen, but it is a last resort.

I understand Karen Bradford (Corporate Director of NKDC) and a representative from English Heritage are due to attend the Parish Council meeting on 6 December 2011 (my inaugural meeting) and a report on the findings of the Options Appraisal is expected to be delivered.

"To: Information Commissioner
From: Geoff Hall
Cc: Stephen Phillips QC MP
Subject: Complaint - North Kesteven District Council

Dear Sir/Madam,
It is with great regret that I have to write making a formal complaint against North Kesteven District Council with regard to a Freedom of Information request (11/0588).

I am involved in cataloguing the history of our village, in particular that relating to the rich heritage of a Grade II Listed property, Nocton Hall.
The Victorian Society has classified this as one of ten most endangered properties in the UK.
I am endeavouring to uncover the actions taken by our local District Authority to save this once fine property, so that these can be added to the historical record.

Individuals in Emails
Mr Ian Fytche (Chief Executive)
Ms Karen Bradford (Corporate Director)
Mr Andrew McDonough (Development Manager)
Ms Helen Snowden (Freedom of Information/Complaints Assistant)
Ms Michelle Carrington (Head of Strategy and Customer Services)
Mr John Money and Mr Rob Kendrick (District Councillors)
Mr Stephen Phillips QC (Local Member of Parliament)

1. Copy of your ‘Complaint’ Word Template
2. Link to all my email correspondence and replies from North Kesteven District Council on the Nocton in Lincolnshire website.
3. Copy of letter from Mr Ian Fytche to Stephen Phillips QC MP.
4. A summary of all information I have elicited to date from North Kesteven’s website appertaining to Nocton Hall.

Will you please look into this matter for me, as I feel that North Kesteven District Council have not fulfilled their obligations under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 with regard to:
a) A Freedom of Information request dated 7 September 2011.
b) A request for an Internal Review dated 6 October 2011.

Yours faithfully,
Mr GM Hall"

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