Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Metheringham Annual Village Meeting

The following email was received on 21st April 2014:
"Dear All,

PNF - Protect Nocton Fen.......No Wind Turbines
On Tuesday 29th April starting at 7pm Metheringham Parish Council have organised a debate on the Pros and Cons of wind power. The debate will take place in Metheringham village hall (see attached poster).
The key speakers will be James Pocklington and Councillor Colin Davie.
Colin Davie, before becoming a Councillor, was very helpful in supporting our opposition to the Wind Farm proposal on Nocton Fen in 2004.
The debate should be an informative and lively evening and we would like to ask for your support by attending the meeting and if possible also bring a friend along since we see this evening as an opportunity to gain more supporters for PNF.
In order to avoid any confusion the debate is on the same day as the Councillors Pre application Planning Forum meeting which takes place at NKDC council offices in the afternoon of that day.
Kind regards
Geoff Ward
On behalf of PNF Group"


  1. This should be a very interesting and dare I suggest lively debate on the pros and cons of wind farms. James Pocklington from the Lincolnshire Pro Wind Alliance (whom I have already disagreed with on this forum) will no doubt be presenting the case for wind farms. Colin Davie I imagine will be promulgating an opposing view.
    I really hope there will be a massive turn out from all those who oppose the idea of a wind farm on Nocton Fen. Your presence is needed. We really must show to Vattenfall WE DON'T WANT THIS WIND FARM AT ANY PRICE. No doubt Vattenfall have people watching our every move, and we must do everything in our power to thwart them in their endeavours to force this wind farm upon us.
    The other day I visited Scout Moor Wind Farm on the moors above Rochadale - the current largest wind farm in England with 26 wind turbines. The continual deep low humming noise, audible at over half a mile, was most unpleasant along with the very loud screeching noise of gears from some of the turbines; and of course there was the loud swishing noise of the blades.
    So people of Nocton, Dunston, Potterhanworth, Bardney and Metheringham now is the time to stand up and be counted and fight tooth and nail to save our beautiful fenland landscape.
    Richard from Metheringham

  2. As expected I seem once again to be talking to myself. Perhaps many people have better and more important things to do than write on a blog? Perhaps some people don't want to disclose the fact they are "for" or "against" the wind farm? Or is it a case that the majority of people are sitting on the fence and don't really mind what the final outcome is over the proposed wind farm, particularly when there will be considerable financial benefits to the local communities by way of compensation.
    I do believe that Vattenfall are almost certainly keeping a close watch on this blog and monitoring the views of local people. They certainly won't be thinking there's a great wave of local opposition to the proposed wind farm. Without wishing to be too provocative I really do think that people should face the reality that Nocton wind farm, if it is built, will have a dramatic, highly damaging and lasting effect upon our local landscape. One simple thing they can do, if they haven't already done so, is to sign up to join the Protect Nocton Fen group.
    It just seems to me that a lot of people are "laid back" about the idea of a wind farm, and if people would just write on this blog that this simply "isn't true" I would be hugely delighted.
    I don't know what else I can say and do to try and evoke/provoke a response from local residents.

  3. Hi Richard, Clearly not much interaction on here. Perhaps you might like to consider doing an article for the Nocton 'Doodle' or 'The Little Green Book' that gets circulated around the locality. You might get more engagement. Kind regards, Geoff

  4. Driving past Drax Power Station recently, with wind turbines nearby, not one turbine was generating power. A question to RWE asking how much Co2 was generated through the programme of design, build, maintenance, decommissioning. Response this is unquantifiable! Surely before the Government start paying subsidies the true savings should be declared. Who would invest in a machine that can only work 25% of the time and then spend even more money on alternative power generation. With false investment in wind energy, look out for future power cuts. Congratulations to MWAG for their sterling work in protecting Lincolnshires Beautiful Countryside.


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