Monday, 28 September 2015

Neighbourhood Watch - community information


This e-mail was received yesterday from the co-ordinator of the Nocton Village Neighbourhood Watch scheme:

"I heard a whisper this evening from a Nocton resident that there MAY be an illegal RAVE this coming weekend (Saturday 3rd/Sunday 4th October) at the old RAF Nocton Hall site. If anyone hears anything which might confirm this information, then either let me know or let Lincolnshire Police Community Police Team at Bracebridge Heath know about it.
No matter what you have heard, please let them know. It may help prevent a repetition of what happened recently at Grantham.

Stay Alert"

If anybody does have any further information, please contact the Lincolnshire Police direct on Tel: 101, rather than phone the local co-ordinator (as it cuts down on the possibility of confusion through duplicating messages).

Many thanks

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