Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Neighbourhood Watch - home alone

Home Alone Card

For those members that live alone and have the responsibility of looking after pets, it can be a worrying time if you are taken into hospital without warning and leaving pets at home unattended.

One way to alert the authorities that you have pets that need attending to is the attached card that you can keep in your purse or wallet, and should you be taken ill and be unable to communicate with your full details, it will alert the medical staff that someone needs to care for your pets.

If this is applicable to you, simply print off the attached pdf onto a sheet of A4 paper and then cut around the edges and fold in half.  It should fit into most purse or wallets.  You can add any specific details that relate to the care of your pets.

Do you have a dog at home?  Why not join our canines on patrol group, (COP) it is aimed at dog walkers who can help us by reporting suspicious activity in your neighbourhood.

Just log in to your account and add yourself to the group.

Message sent by Gill Finn (Police & NHWN, Community Safety Officer, Police Headquarters)

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