Monday, 21 September 2015

Superfast Broadband for Nocton

Latest Update

You may have noticed contractors digging up the pavement at the entrance to Manor Court and Potterhanworth Road recently. This work is connected with BT Cabinet 12 on the corner of Manor Court and the future provision of superfast broadband. Please see my previous blogs on this matter.

The following update has been received by Mick Middleton on 10th September:

"Power to the DSLAM for Cab 12 in Nocton has just been connected so this Cab should go Superfast anytime soon. Still no definitive date but I would expect Phase 8 end of last quarter if all goes to plan."

There is also an update from OnLincolnshire which specifically refers to the smaller cabinet (Pillar 3/2), which is located near the Post Office:

"Hi Mick,
3/2 is in with BT finance at the moment for their internal approval before it comes to me for sign off. From there, we will change it to a cabinet and builds a DSLAM next to it.

  • Cabinet 12 is located at the junction of Manor Farm/Potterhanworth Rd and feeds 62 properties (Postcodes: LN4 2BE, 2BF, 2BQ and 2DJ). These postcodes are located around the Manor Farm, Parklands Avenue, Nocton Park Road areas.
  • Cabinet 3 is located at the junction of the B1188 with Lincoln Rd, Dunston and feeds the remaining properties in Nocton (Postcodes: LN4 2BA; 2BB; 2BH; 2BJ; 2BN; 2BP; 2BS; 2BT; 2BW; 2BX; 2BZ; 2DA; 2DB), the majority via Pillar 3/2 (adjacent to the Post Office in Nocton).
  • Cabinet 12 and Cabinet 3 feed directly off Metheringham Exchange.
BT pledges better broadband for UK

'It revealed plans to connect 10 million homes to ultrafast broadband by the end of 2020 and raise the minimum broadband speed for homes that cannot get fibre to 5-10Mbps (megabits per second).'


  1. Geoff, cabinet 3/2 is within the conservation area. Presumably planning permission will be required? Hopefully that will not cause any further delays!

  2. Thanks for your comment Lincoln Edge. I have just checked the Nocton Conservation Area boundary map published by NKDC and see that Cab 12 actually falls within the conservation area too. Hopefully there won't be any issues with the new cab when it comes to be installed.


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