Saturday, 28 November 2015

Electricity works - almost complete

Road works

The electricity reinforcement works are almost complete through Nocton. The trenching work has now reached the corner of Main Street (near the Post Office) and is shortly to cross the road to progress down the Bridle Path.

Electricity works on Main Street
Trenching work to lay piping
Field works

You will see a new electricity pole has been erected in the verge opposite the Cricket Club, directly beneath the route of the overhead wires linking the Bridle Path sub-station to the Nocton Estate switch-room (located in the shed near the reservoir). The red power cables near Lower Lodge have already been routed underground to the base of this new electricity pole.

New electricity pole
According to the Western Power map, the underground cabling is shown as being routed along the Bridle Path (to the crossroad) and then left down the Nocton Estate road towards Lower Lodge. It is not immediately clear therefore, why a new electricity pole has been erected, unless this will be a new connection for the overhead wires to the Nocton Estate reservoir switch-room.

Perhaps the overhead connection from the Bridle Path across the field to the new pole will no longer be required?

Existing electricity pole on Bridle Path

Latest from Western Power

From: Ellis, Richard A. (Technician)
Date: 1 December 2015 at 08:24:55 GMT
To: Nocton Parish Council
Subject: Nocton update

A quick update for you re the electricity reinforcement project in Nocton. The works have overrun the original completion date due to extra hard digging in some areas which has slowed progress. The cable laying works are now due for completion in the 11th Dec.

Richard Ellis
Western Power Distribution
Lincoln East team

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