Thursday, 19 May 2016

Village Hall Rebuilding Project

Update from Annual Parish meeting

These are my personal observations from attending the Annual Parish meeting held on Tuesday 17th May 2016. The discussion on the rebuilding project is summarised as follows:

  • During work to repair the Village Hall, it was discovered the existing concrete floor slab was badly compromised. A formal survey was carried out and estimates sought, where it was found to be more cost effective to carry out a complete new build, rather than attempt to take remedial action on the concrete slab
  • A formal Village Hall Rebuilding Committee was formed to oversee the project
  • As the Village Hall is owned by the Parish Council on behalf of the community, the Rebuilding Committee was made a formal sub-Committee of the Council, with the power to spend delegated funds for the purpose of facilitating the rebuilding of Nocton Village Hall
  • The rebuilding project involves various tax implications, not least with VAT and business taxes. It is an aim of the Rebuilding Committee to mitigate these taxes as far as possible
  • Legal advice has been taken over the two Conveyance documents between British Field Products Ltd and Nocton Parish Council (dated 13 July 1981 and 27 June 1985), relating to the transfer of ownership of Nocton Village Hall. It has been decided to leave these agreements in place, rather than attempt to have them rescinded. However, the relevant parties have been written to regarding the redevelopment plans
  • Questionnaires were issued to the community in order to gather opinion before any outline plans were prepared
  • Tenders for the rebuilding work have been received and a preferred contractor agreed - please see the relevant plans from Simons Design below:

  • The internal design and issue of specific use of space has been left deliberately vague - it is important to note the facilities will need to be available to the whole community in order to maximise the opportunity of getting funding
  • Feedback on the design is invited from the community
  • Whilst grants will be sought, with the largest potential coming from WREN, LCC and NKDC, the cost of rebuilding will still require a public works loan.
  • The worst case scenario for the impact on local council tax bills will amount to between £50 - £100 per annum, dependent on tax band e.g. A, B, C etc.
Next Steps
  • Receive feedback on design
  • Seek grants and pursue remainder of funding via public works loan
  • Hold a referendum to determine whether residents are prepared to contribute to the rebuilding of Nocton Village Hall through an increased Precept/Council Tax bill each year
  • Apply for planning permission

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