Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Broadband issues - update

Enabling the new cabinet

My previous blog refers.

As part of the work to commission the new fibre service in the village, I understand the copper lines for the village have now to be connected direct from the main cabinet 3 [Dunston junction] to the new cabinet PCP17 [The Green], instead of via the old Pillar 3/2 cabinet [Post Office].

The contractors for BT Openreach [Telec Utilities] have been in the village throughout the Bank Holiday weekend to carry out this extensive re-routing work, but unfortunately some properties have been left without a phone line/broadband service.

The BT engineer is currently on-site and is aware of at least 20 customers without a service. He is going to try and get authority to repair the problem, instead of Telec Utilities having to come out again to fix the issue.

Update [11.00am]
I have now been advised the reported disconnections have increased to 27... therefore Telec Utilities are having to return on-site to resolve the issues.

Further Update [11.54am]
Telec will not be back on-site now as the work is being handled by BT Openreach direct. The engineer currently working on it estimates it will take until tomorrow to get it all sorted. If you haven't phoned in your problem, please make sure your fault has been registered with your provider e.g. BT, TalkTalk or whoever and then this will be reported to the engineer to fix.


  1. Hi Geoff

    The problem appears to be due to a new type of Installation Displacement Connector (IDC) being used in the new cab 17. It connects the exchange side copper cables and the distribution side copper cables. One of the wires within the connectors is not making contact. The joints and cut overs in the footway boxes are fine and 3/2 is now closed out.

    Customers will probably find their broadband works fine but are unable to receive or make calls.

    Cab cut overs can be difficult bearing in mind contractors are not allowed to have customer tele numbers or their routing for obvious reasons.

    Should not take long to resolve then the fibre will be installed.

    Mick Middleton

  2. Cheers Mick - although very frustrating for those left without a service. This infrastructure is such a 'must-have' nowadays... I am lost without my broadband when the service occasionally drops out. Sad really.


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