Thursday, 13 October 2016

Superfast broadband - beyond a joke

BT are to blame for delay

This is the latest news from Onlincolnshire. Steve Brookes is clearly as frustrated as the community.

From: Geoff Hall
Sent: 11 October 2016 16:07
To: Stephen Brookes
Subject: Nocton

Hi Steve,

I tried ringing this afternoon for a quick chat and update since 27th September, but you were unavailable.

A local resident has since been in touch with BT requesting an upgraded fibre service from Cab 17, but although it is now showing on the ISP’s system, it is not allowing orders to be placed.

Please will you let me know:
  1. What is the current position regarding the ‘records’?
  2. Has the change request now finally been signed off?
  3. If not and there is a further delay to the CR, is there any way you can apply further pressure on BT to action this outstanding work, so people with the remaining ‘legacy’ lines can apply for an upgrade to the fibre service?
Kind regards,

From: Stephen Brookes
Sent: 12 October 2016 07:29
Cc: Geoff Hall; Naomi Nutting; Owen Williams
Subject: FW: Nocton

Good Morning Eaton,

Please see E Mail request from Mr Hall below.

Can you please give him an answer as to when the good people of Nocton can finally take up fibre services. I have been chasing you guys for months with little progress, so perhaps you would be good enough to explain.

The second and third points that Mr Hall makes are related to CR22 and again, perhaps you would be good enough to give Mr Hall a coherent answer.

Please accept my apologies Geoff, but I wanted it to be entirely clear that the delays here sit with BT and not LCC.

Steve Brookes
Lincolnshire Broadband Programme Manager
Tel. 01522 552450
Mob. 07825 043978

From: Geoff Hall
Sent: 13 October 2016 07:43:30
To: Fallows,E,Eaton,CHO R
Cc: 'Stephen Brookes'
Subject: Fibre broadband - Nocton

Dear Mr Fallows,

I refer to the correspondence below with OnLincolnshire. I would like to add some further information which may be useful to you when replying.

I have been reporting on the fibre project for our village ever since the Metheringham Exchange was upgraded. Indeed, you can see my latest blog that went out to the community just this morning. I appreciate you must be very busy with many other projects, nevertheless I’m sure you can empathise with our frustrations.

Incorporated within my blog is a full contemporaneous record of how this project has unfolded over the many months involved. As you can see, I have provided updates from OnLincolnshire, technical descriptions, actual photographs of work undertaken and also links to BT training videos, all aimed at helping local residents understand exactly what is going on. Suffice to say we have had some rather troubling delays, due to mistakes being made by BT contracted out services and a general lack of information from BT itself.

In view of this, Ofcom were offered this extensive record as part of the evidence to their ‘Strategic Review of Digital Communications’.

As we are almost at the point where the majority of local residents can now apply for an upgrade to fibre, I would really like to know when this service from Cab 17 will finally be released to ISPs. Furthermore, regarding the remaining ‘legacy lines’ which are still connected to Cab 3 situated a few kilometres away near the neighbouring village (unable to benefit from fibre), given that there is now the new fibre Cab 17 just metres away, a Change Request 22 has quite rightly been submitted by OnLincolnshire, in order to re-route the few remaining lines to the new Cab, so the whole community can then benefit from superfast broadband.

I would be interested in seeing what you have to say on the matter, as it does appear OnLincolnshire have also been experiencing difficulty obtaining information. It would be a shame if the community have to escalate this to a formal complaint.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Yours sincerely,
Geoff Hall

Sent: 13 October 2016 09:28
To: Geoff Hall
Cc: Stephen Brookes;
Subject: RE: Fibre broadband - Nocton

Good Morning Mr Hall,

I will look further into this and update you.


Eaton Fallows
Programme Manager/BT
Sent with BT Mobile Messaging

If residents wish to escalate this matter, the contact details are below:

Stephen Phillips QC MP
6 Market Place
Lincolnshire NG34 7SD
Tel:01529 309131

or via:
House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA
Tel: 020 7219 7146

When writing or emailing, please include your full name and address within the constituency, without which he is not permitted to respond.

Additionally, we could escalate this by writing to BT's Chairman:

Sir Michael Rake [Chairman]
BT Customer Correspondence Centre
Providence Row
DH98 1BT

N.B. the two key individuals responsible for this project are:
  1. Eaton Brookes [Program Director, BT] and
  2. Steve Henderson [Regional Director, BT]
Responsible for NGA deployment across Central England, BDUK contracts and Local Authority partnerships.

Alternatively, the other option would be to make a report to Ofcom:

Riverside House
2a Southwark Bridge Road
Switchboard: 020 7981 3000 or 0300 123 3000

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