Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The two faces of localism and planning

Creeping growth in villages

The document: 'Policy LP4 Growth in Villages: Evidence Report' for the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan 2011 to 2036 outlines:
  • 'To promote sustainable development in rural areas, housing should be located where it will enhance or maintain the vitality of rural communities...'
  • 'Assessing housing need and allocating sites should be considered at a strategic level and through the Local Plan and/or neighbourhood plan process. However, all settlements can play a role in delivering sustainable development in rural areas...'
I refer to my recent blogs dated 21st September and 9th October, which indicate North Kesteven District Council seem unconcerned about continual housing growth in local communities. This is despite valid concerns of excessive development being expressed by local residents and Parish Councils alike... and especially so for Nocton, as permitted development goes way beyond the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan's own forecast for this village.

People serve as unpaid representatives of their community for many reasons, but mostly to try and improve and protect the village/town they reside in. As time goes on however, there is a dawning realisation that Parish Councillors have very little influence, especially over planning issues. As such, they may begin to question their involvement, especially if housing growth continues unabated and uncontrolled, with decisions taken elsewhere by a seemingly unsympathetic District Council.

Localism: where did it all go wrong

The view from an architect: Localism is ‘dead in the water and a non-starter as a government initiative’ - Piers Taylor

Ground level 'people shaped localism'

Parish Councils are sustainable units, in that have existed for 121 years and counting! This links to their intrinsic value in terms of community development 'as a long-term…process' - Gilchrist & Taylor 2011

What is it really like on a parish council?

'Contrary to what many believe, we have very little power and influence when it comes to planning. We can express an opinion, sure, but that doesn’t mean anyone further up the chain takes any notice.' - Emma Kane

Crawley Down councillor resigns because he feels "totally ignored' on planning issues

The father-of-two, who has lived in the village for more than 40 years, feels many of the parish council's recommendations on planning applications are not taken into consideration when looked at by Mid Sussex District Council.

In extremis: Five councillors and clerk quit suddenly

The sudden resignation of several councillors, the chairman and the clerk from Idmiston Parish Council is believed to be linked to a bitter row over a new housing development.

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