Thursday, 19 January 2017

Superfast broadband - update

BT Infinity

More people are upgrading their broadband service following the installation of fibre cabinet 17.

After years of suffering buffering with a meagre 2 or 3 Mbps, I am now getting 54 Mbps download speed and in excess of 8 Mbps upload speed, transforming my web browsing experience.

I know of at least twelve other residents who have since upgraded their broadband to fibre and are now enjoying download speeds of between 35 and 60 Mbps.

Thanks must go to Steve Brookes [Onlincolnshire] and Ian McEwan [BT Openreach] for resolving the fibre problem in Nocton, without whom I would still be encumbered by a slow copper service from Cab 3.

If you haven't notified me already, I would appreciate a comment below advising me of your increased broadband speed if you have upgraded to fibre. A comparison with what you were getting beforehand would be useful too.

Many thanks.


  1. Hi Geoff,
    I had fibre enabled at my property yesterday and achieved download speeds in excess of 45Mb/sec and 10Mb/sec upload, whereas pre fibre I was only achieving 1.5 - 2 Mb/sec.
    Many thanks for your hard work and campaigning to get the remaining properties on Main Street connected.
    Kindest Regards,
    Jim Mellor

    1. Thanks for letting me know Jim. That's great news. It was worth all our efforts lobbying BT and Onlincolnshire. Enjoy.

  2. Hi Geoff, I am also pleased to say that we are getting 38mb/s+ download and upload of 11mb/s. I wonder how much longer we would have had to wait had it not been for your regular hassling them. Just like a 3rd Jack Russel in your house! Kind regards and thanks again. Graham J

    1. Cheers Graham. Good to know people are starting to take advantage of the speed offered by fibre. No more buffering videos or suffering slow downloads. Have fun matey.

  3. Hi Geoff, I am currently looking at moving to Nocton (LN4 2BT) and Broadband speed is a concern, I have checked online and it looks like the maximum speed for that postcode area is 3mb, do you know if BT are planning to roll out faster speeds to the rest of Nocton?

  4. Hi Gareth. The fibre cabinets are now enabled for Nocton and many residents are now enjoying a much improved service. I am now receiving in excess of 50Mbs, but reside quite close to the cab. Hope this helps with your decision. Kind regards, Geoff

  5. Gareth - you may like to test the service with the Fibre Broadband Checker here:


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