Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Planning application - Nocton Park

Planning Sub Committee - outcome

16/1413/FUL Plot 72a - Formerly 27 Steamer Point Rd, Nocton

I refer to my last blog on this matter.

I understand that the application was refused permission by Committee members last night. The vote was 12 Against, 6 For, with 3 Abstentions.

This is twice now that the Planning Committee has refused a development on this plot - it remains to be seen if the developer decides to appeal to the Planning Inspector in due course.

Perhaps Sowerby Homes should focus instead on laying the final surface to all access roads into the Nocton Park development?

This is a very poor audio recording for the Eastgate Planning Sub Committee held on 17th January 2017 [this is due to the implementation of a new sound system for NKDC].

The Nocton application commences some 28 minutes or so into the meeting.

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  1. Thanks for this entry Geoff. I couldn't agree more with you about what needs to be done next. Finish the roads and let him move off to Waddington.


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