Friday, 23 March 2018

Magazine or newspapers - interested

Home delivery

"Personal deliveries stopped 2 or 3 years ago due to lack of support and the difficulty of finding a reliable delivery person.

D&K News of Metheringham have delivered papers to a box outside of the Village Hall for locals to collect for the last couple of years or so. They have always provided a very reliable service and they have notified that there is a possibility that they could be able to arrange door deliveries in the near future providing there is a call for such a service.

As Nocton has grown by at least another 40 residences since then perhaps those of you who do not currently order any papers and/or collect their own may now consider such a service a boon.

If you are interested please email or telephone Tammy or Mike D & K at or phone 01526 569367."

D & K News, 54 High Street, Metheringham, Lincoln, LN43DX

Source: Philip J-d 'What's on in Nocton' Facebook page

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