Thursday, 21 July 2011

Planning queries

On 20th July, I decided to ask the following questions to North Kesteven District Council:

'A member of your Planning Department attended the Nocton Parish Council meeting last night, but a couple of questions remained unanswered to my satisfaction.  I wonder if you could assist with the following:

Q1: Has the Planning Department of NKDC had any approach from Nocton Dairies Ltd regarding alternative sites for their intensive dairy complex since withdrawal of their application?

Q2: Has the Planning Department of NKDC had any preliminary enquiries by potential purchasers of the Nocton Nurseries complex, currently owned by Mr and Mrs Clarke of Nocton Ltd and up for sale with Saville’s?

Q3: Turning to Nocton Hall, what is the current position regarding the Options Appraisal and can you confirm an interim report been made? If so, when will this be made available in public domain and when are you expecting the final report please?'

The resulting response was:

'Dear Mr Hall

Thank you for your email. With reference to questions 1 and 2 I can advise that any pre-application discussions between landowners/developers and the District Authority, on any pre-planning matter, remain outside of the public domain for commercial confidentiality/sensitivity reasons. However, as is the case for any development proposal likely to have wider public interest we will stress the importance of early dialogue between developer and local residents, consistent with our Statement of Community Involvement, which can be accessed at

My colleague Rachel Skillen will respond to you in relation to your Q3.

Nick Feltham
Area Planning Officer'

I will keep you informed if I gain any further information on the above matters.

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