Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Sowerby Homes - Nocton Park

Road works

You have to feel dismay for the local residents of Nocton Park, who are having to cope with daily inconvenience from major construction work.

In particular, Wegberg Road is encountering poor surface conditions following installation of the drainage pipes, together with noise from ongoing transit of heavy construction vehicles. The situation is made even worse by inclement weather.

Wegberg Road - 26th January 2016 (view towards the Phase 3 development)

Wegberg Road - 26th January 2016 (view away from the Phase 3 development)

Whilst the drainage installation has almost reached the Phase 3 development, I understand from a local resident who lives on Nocton Park that further disruption is expected from mains drainage work in the centre of the road.

Perhaps it would be useful if a Sowerby Homes representative could be invited to the next Parish Council meeting to give an update on the situation?

This would give a valuable opportunity for residents to ask questions and voice their opinions, whilst getting an 'official' update from the developer.


  1. Hello Geoff. I have just read your entry about conditions on Nocton Park Road and I hope that my comment (which I will try to moderate myself!) will be followed by a lot of others! You are absolutely right to describe conditions in the way you do. My heart now goes out to the residents of Wegberg Road and surrounding area as we have been putting up with this for the last 2 years. My neighbours further up Nocton Park Road have lived with this for over 8 years. Having been told by Mr Sowerby in October 2013 that the whole cul de sac would be completed, with roads and pavements fully surfaced by Christmas 2014, we continue to be dismayed by the mud, dust and crumbling road surfaces now that we are almost through January 2016 - with no end in sight. The poor patching of dangerous potholes near Habbanya Rise is already breaking up again so that cyclists and motor cyclists use this road at their peril. I absolutely agree that someone from Sowerby Homes should be at the next meeting and they'd better have some reliable answers to the questions that are sure to be raised. Every morning, six days a week, we enjoy the sound of the 7.02 JCB forklift thundering past our house for the first of many, many trips. This is not to mention the massive tractor and trailer loads of stone and displaced mud, the cement mixers and heavy lorries. How many others feel the same?

  2. Hi Jonathan. I have taken the matter up with the Parish Council and this is what the Clerk had to say:

    "Thank you for your two emails regarding the conditions at Nocton Park.

    The Parish Council receives regular reports from Cllr Faulkner, the Nocton Park Portfolio Holder, who is in day to day contact with Mr Sowerby on progress with this development. As you will appreciate, there is little that the Parish Council can do to improve the matter. However, in view of the apparent deterioration on site, I have copied this email to Cllr Faulkner to ask him to invite Mr Sowerby to attend the next Parish Council meeting on 9 February, or at the very least to provide some assurances over completion dates, etc, as you suggest."

  3. I had an additional email last night, this time from Neil Faulkner (Parish Councillor):

    "Hi Geoff. If you have received comments from Residents it would be prudent for these to be forwarded to me as Chair of Nocton Park so I can if needed respond, Regards Neil"

    My reply:

    "Hi Neil. The comment concerned came as a result of a blog I have written recently, after walking around Nocton Park. So there was nothing really to send to you. The other comment was from a person I met when I was taking photos. Perhaps if you read the blog entry concerned, you'll get the drift. I'm surprised this type of feeling from local residents isn't already apparent to you - there are a number of disgruntled people around on Nocton Park. If you have information from the developer to share, I'd be happy to host this on the blog to keep people informed. Regards, Geoff"

  4. When I phoned Peter Sowerby, he agreed it is reasonable for residents to be kept informed and for all possible consideration ot be given to them. This is not a quick job, so more care is needed. I have e-mailed him again in the light of the latest pictures.


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