Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Nocton Hall - bat survey

Kemp & Kemp Presentation

I refer back to my notes of the presentation on outline plans for development of the Nocton Hall site.

Wandering through the grounds of the Hall today, I happened to notice a man and a women within the security fencing. Both were wearing fluorescent jackets and the man was wearing a hard hat too. Various items of equipment were on the ground.

I introduced myself and enquired as to their nature of business - it appears they are carrying out a bat survey on behalf of a company (I didn't quite catch the name). I am therefore assuming the survey results will form part of an Ecological Survey that will need to be submitted to North Kesteven District Council as part of the plan for redevelopment of the Hall and surrounding RAF Hospital site.

Buildings, Planning and Development

Legislation dictates that any structures or place which a bats use for shelter or protection are protected from damage or destruction whether occupied or not.


Surveys & Impact Assessments

The majority of development proposals require consideration of the impacts of proposed works on biodiversity within a site, or close to it. Various aspects can be incorporated into an ecological survey as part of a planning application. An ecological survey provides a snapshot outline view of what a particular area was like at the time of surveying.


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