Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Superfast broadband - latest news

No contractors

I refer to my last blog on the debacle with British Telecom over the supply of fibre to Nocton. It will be interesting to see what is reported in the weekly update from Onlincolnshire, as the supposedly 'agreed start' of 13th April appears to have slipped. There are certainly no contractors on site, nor is there any traffic control in place.

I like to think I have been a very loyal customer of BT over the years, investing in line rental, broadband and mobile services, but my patience is starting to run out with this organisation.

It appears Ofcom are right on the mark with their plans to grant BT's competitors more access to the infrastructure. If BT fail to provide services timeously and with good customer service, then perhaps it is time to find someone else that will!

Ofcom promises to have details on duct and pole access by summer

The communications regulator Ofcom has promised to release more details on how it intends to give BT's competitors greater access to Openreach's poles and ducts by the summer.

Update (19.25hrs)

Perhaps I was slightly premature with this afternoon's blog entry - the road has now been coned off with 'No Parking' signs!

We shall see what tomorrow brings.

Minister of State questioned on UK superfast broadband connectivity

The Culture, Media and Sport Committee takes evidence from Minister of State, Ed Vaizey MP, as part of its inquiry into establishing world-class connectivity across the UK.

Broadband Connectivity Committee
I managed to catch the programme on BBC Parliament last night and found it very interesting. I gained the impression that many local Councils do have rather a fraught relationship with BT and Openreach... yet some seem to get on fine with them.
The broadcast is still on BBC iPlayer until 12th May if you are interested in watching.

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  1. On Thursday morning (14th) my whole BT line service mysteriously developed a fault. No dial tone or broadband. Payback for daring to criticise BT I suppose! Unfortunately, no repair promised until Tuesday 19th April @ 17.00hrs. Great... I am now having withdrawal symptoms from the Internet :-(


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