Thursday, 14 April 2016

Electricity works in village

Western Power

You may recall the project to install new underground powerlines in Nocton village - see my blog entries of 25th September 2015, 28th November 2015 and 3rd February 2016.

Walking the dogs last Sunday afternoon, I happened to notice the mains cable and insulators on Potterhanworth Rd lying unconnected. I managed to speak with a representative of Western Power (Tom Scott) on 12th April who told me there is still work to be completed on this project.

You will see from the photographs below the cables in question. Be assured these are not live, although the cables at the other end of the village have been connected and the sub-station has been replaced with new equipment.

I understand the outstanding project work is located near 'The Timbels' in Potterhanworth Road, Nocton and also at the sub-station in Nocton Park - no timeline was provided for final completion.

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