Sunday, 19 June 2016

Water leak - Potterhanworth Rd

A precious resource

Many take a clean supply of water for granted and we all rely on water to survive. There are increasing pressures on water supply in the world, with high population growth and reduced freshwater availability.

You might have noticed the water leak in Potterhanworth Rd, flowing from the roadside adjacent to the grounds of Nocton Hall. This has been flowing since Wednesday morning [15th June]... and still has not been repaired up to this morning [19th June].

It is now flooding the woodland owned by Leda Properties and the access driveway to Nocton Hall.

Plate 1 - Potterhanworth Rd - mains water leak
Anglian Water are aware of the leak... but it is clear from their notice this is not their responsibility.

Plate 2 - Anglian Water - notice
'Love every drop' we are reminded... but there doesn't appear to be much love, concern or urgency over fixing this particular leak. It is wasting hundreds of gallons of water... at least if the private main is on a metered supply, there will be some penalty for the extensive delay in repairing!

Plate 3 - Main entrance to Nocton Hall grounds

Plate 4 - Flooding in woodland opposite 'The Lodge'

Plate 5 - Water draining down Nocton Hall driveway

Plate 6 - Flooding near 'The Garden House'
Water will always find its lowest point to pool and drain - this is the culvert near The Garden House in the grounds of Nocton Hall.


  1. Hi Geoff

    An Anglian Water member of staff was in attendance early Wed evening and I did ask him what the problem was. He did say that it was a metered water supply - the meter being situated in the carriageway chamber close to the leak. Why they could not simply isolate it in the carriageway chamber is beyond me. Looking at the flow outage at the break point it appears to me to be bigger than a normal 20mm house feed pipe.

    A possible "massive" water bill for someone? What a waste.

    Mick Middleton

  2. I understand from Anglian Water that the leak is the pipe to the Hall / care home. They can't shut it off because the care home needs water (residents rightly classed as vulnerable people). It is between Leda and the care home owner to sort it out (they are legally required to fix it within 30 days). No doubt there will be wrangling as Leda don't have, shall we say, the best reputation.

  3. Thanks for the explanation Liz. I'm sure they will get it sorted. I suspect it is in both their interests to get it repaired well before the 30 day period expires.

  4. Anglian Water vans and digger in situ this morning... looks like the leak may finally be repaired. Better late than never I suppose.

  5. The ducks certainly enjoyed it while it lasted!


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