Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Nocton's Coronation Coach - surely

Whatever happened to...Lincoln's Coronation Coach?

'Complete with footmen and 10 horses, the coach is believed to have been bought by the Nocton Estate from a shop in London who had used it as a window display during the 1953 Coronation.'


Women's Institute

An account of the history of Nocton WI in this blog states: 'The 1954 Garden Party saw the brilliant scaled model of the Coronation Coach and Horses arrive in Nocton.'

Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Please also see the report of our own celebrations here in Nocton, showing photographs of the Coronation Coach when it was on display in All Saints Church.

It appears Nocton has been safeguarding the Coronation Coach ever since it was displayed in All Saints Church for the Queen's Jubilee Celebrations. I now understand the Mayor’s Officer (Richard Storey) will be making arrangements to collect it, whereupon there is an intention to display it in the Guildhall.

Let's hope there are no further proposals to sell this treasured item, as happened back in 2008.

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