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Planning application - Nocton Park

Resubmission for Plot 72A - Formerly 27 Steamer Point Rd

With reference to my blog dated 20 November 2016, you may like to see this plea from a resident of Nocton Park:

"Dear neighbours and residents of Nocton Village.

We are asking for your help!

I write this message to you, in connection to yet another proposed development on Steamer Point Road, Nocton.

Peter Sowerby the developer lost the last planning application to develop in Steamer Point Road just 6 weeks ago. That house was over powering and not in-keeping with any of the former MOD estate and its impact would have caused an eyesore, along with obscuring pedestrians crossing the road.

This new submission, a detached 3 bed house (6m x 7.5m), is identified be on the same piece of land. You will know this, as it is currently used to mix concrete on with a bulldozer. The new plans also include a garage almost the same size as the house (6m x 6m). Whilst Sowerby has changed the original plans, the size of this proposed property status looks the same as No 26 (the adjacent house) it actually is not!

The look-alike is almost a metre smaller in frontage because the property would not fit on the plot if it was the current 6.8m wide. Furthermore, the proposed house is almost touching the fence line of the house, to justify its position of appearing spacious. The remaining space is actually just over 1 metre clear of the boundaries, so the new property will leave this corner plot looking overpowering and again appear squashed in. The odd one out.

Taking other considerations into account, with such as a huge garage with different roof tiles that do not match the estate, the house is also planned to have a different brick design to the nearby properties of both Wegberg & Steamer Point Roads. The dangers for pedestrians crossing to the recreation field still remain (concerns for all children) and there is absolutely nothing positive that this property can do for our community.

How can you help?
If you feel this application should be objected to, please read on. If you have no opinion of the matter, we still ask you to continue to read as you can help your neighbours & villagers alike for just 5 minutes of your time.

How to object
Best is by email, to , however you can write to:
Planning Services, North Kesteven District Council. Kesteven Street, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, NG34 7EF.
You must put your Name and address on your letter, and quote the case number and details below that is highlighted in italics. Clearly write OBJECTION on your letter so it cannot be missed. Quote: 16/1413/FUL - Plot 72A Formerly 27 Steamer Point Road Nocton Lincoln Lincolnshire LN4 2DA.

Please note when making comments your session may time out after an hour. Therefore, we suggest typing the comments up in word and copying/pasting in to the section on planning online.

You must email your letter no later than 3pm on Monday 5th December 2016.

Written Letters should be in the post by Friday 2nd December 2016 although your objection may be lost if it is delayed by the pre-Christmas post. It will not be counted if it arrives after 9am on 6th December 2016. We recommend an email is sent as you can send this during this weekend and ask for proof of delivery. In the event you do not receive confirmation, print a hard copy out and pass it onto me and I will take it to the Council Offices.

Points to raise
Feel free to use any or all of the following points. If you do place these examples into a random order. Use maybe 5 or 6 that you feel strongly about, and use your own words. It can be bullet points if you have little time, or paragraphs if you feel so strongly. YOUR VOTE COUNTS. This is the only opportunity we have as a village to stop the progressive building works we have endured for over 13 years. Please help us. You can of course use your own thoughts. You may feel passionate about something not mentioned.

Pick all or any that you feel matters to you and your family or village / community. Remember to jumble your list up!
  • Another house that is not needed in an over developed village.
  • The village is already vastly over its building quota and no more builds are necessary.
  • This house will not provide any amenity benefit to Nocton or the Park or its occupants.
  • The house is a squashed up version of others in the road.
  • The house will be the only detached property. All surrounding are semi-detached
  • Bricks should be Lincoln bricks only to match existing. As the brickworks no longer exist, this will mean they have to be recycled. That costs a fortune, but don’t mention that bit!
  • The builder is more interested in profit rather than how the road scene looks.
  • Last planning application was refused because “the house appears squashed in”. So is this one!
  • No footpaths for any pedestrians to cross from Nocton Park Road in to Wegberg or Steamer Point Roads. Maybe you did not notice, but you will next time you drive or walk past take a look.
  • Unsafe areas of footpath and road kerb. Poor working practice that’s affecting our health & safety.
  • Garage is almost as big as the house. Unnecessary big build in a now over-developed area.
  • Builder said to council, “If I don’t get this house who will pay for the roads to be done” Not our problem. Developer profit is by chance, not a condition.
  • No footpath on Wegberg Road eastern side. An obligation under Highways to place one, where is it?
  • Gravel working!!!! Probably not ever heard of it. It means constant dust, bulldozers, diggers, noise, etc. Use the wording Gravel working and say how miserable your life is 6 days a week. Yesterday 30/11/16 they started at 07.10 am. Are you fed up? Is this a quality life? Is the dust entering you home, car and lungs? My door step is covered in dust 365 days a year; tell them your own plight.
  • Dangerous in both Nocton Park Rd, Wegberg & Steamer Point Rd due to constant construction traffic.
  • Children, who were born on the estate, are now at Grammar or Secondary schools. They have lived in a building site for 13 years. Have yours? What’s your experience?
  • Its hell. Tell the Councillors to swap homes with you for a week and live here with noise and dust pollution for ¼ of a generation.
  • Loaded 5 tonne dumper trucks travelling at 30mph down Wegberg with the driver standing up!
  • Concrete mixing with a bulldozer next to houses in Steamer Point Rd, rather than in the yard or on site.
  • Have you suffered damage to your cars, through potholes & mud, stones etc. There was an obligation to keep a clean site through planning.
  • Nice house, wrong location. Blind spot for cars v pedestrians. An accident waiting to happen.
  • Due to an approved extension at 31 Wegberg Rd, this junction will be over powered with buildings. We need grass to open it up, to match spaces those on Nocton Park Road.
  • Had any close calls in your car? Near misses, delays etc. Tell it as it is!
  • Fallen promises. For 13 years the builder has said he will be out of here. Still building, Fed up!
  • Old plans showed road in middle of area, but this is now offset.
Please remember to check the following is on your letter: Your name, address, the word OBJECTION and the case number 16/1413/FUL. Send it by post this Friday or by email over the weekend. NOT BEFORE! Using these times, will hopefully prevent the builder of the opportunity to tweak his plans before the closing date.

Until now, we have been silent protestors (no letters have been sent yet on purpose), but now is the time for action. Probably in late December we will have a verbal opportunity to raise all points again through a speaker to the Planning Committee. Expected date is 20th December 2016 and a message will be posted on Facebook. If you can make it, please attend as it’s all about the numbers that carries weight.

We won last time, but this time it will be close odds. We need people power and everyone to write. We need over a hundred letters to make a real impact. If you feel as passionate about Nocton as I do, then I implore you to help. I have relatives and friends who are also sending letters. Anyone can object. One letter by every adult in every home is acceptable as long as they are under a different name and of different content. All they need to do is say they live at, pass by or visit the area etc, and quote any of the items above showing their opinion (in your/their own words). If you and 4 other relatives/friends (over 18 years old) respond, we will have over a thousand objections, that will have a huge impact on Councillors opinion.

Don’t think others will do it for you!! They cannot! We need YOU to help. Please, please write, NOW!

This is your ONLY chance to stop 13 years of misery. Go on, it’s just 5 minutes for you, but months of more dust and noise pollution for the estate’s residents. The visually out balanced house if passed will stand out like an eyesore for generations to come. Let’s pull this village together and stand united. 5 minutes, 1 letter = Result!

Thank you for reading and hopefully your support.

Adrian Hammond.
Nocton Park, Nocton."

Source: Facebook 'What's on in Nocton, Lincolnshire' page

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