Sunday, 5 February 2017

Beeswax Dyson Farming - latest developments

Construction of new Farm Operations Centre

I refer to my earlier blogs regarding this facility:
I decided to have a walk around the site on Friday with my wife and two Jack Russells and discovered to my surprise that the construction is now out of the ground, with new steelwork being erected.

My first thoughts were 'my goodness that is huge', but having wandered around the periphery of the site on the public footpath, actually the agricultural buildings have been well located I think. You may think otherwise, but the following photographs will give you an idea of the position and dimensions involved.

Plate 1 - View from gates
[nr Nocton Wood House]

Plate 2 - View from public footpath
[adjacent to Nocton Wood]

Plate 3 - View from footpath
[headed towards Wasp's Nest]

Plate 4 - View from end of footpath
[before descending to Wasp's Nest]
Wandering along Nocton Fen Rd, away from the site and looking back towards Abbey Hill and Nocton Wood, I was pleased to observe that the building ridge line sits below the crown of the tree-scape beyond, which will allow the operations centre to blend in with the landscape. The historic site of Nocton Priory will not be visually contaminated at all - in any case the foundations remaining are simply mounds on Abbey Hill.

Plate 5 - View from Wasp's Nest
[Nocton Wood peeping over the horizon]

Plate 6 - View from Nocton Fen Rd
[looking up towards Abbey Hill and Nocton Priory]

Plate 7 - View from the top of Nocton Fen Rd
[looking towards Abbey Hill with Nocton Wood in the background]
Once the facility has been completed, perhaps Beeswax Dyson Farming Ltd might offer an educational tour of the new Operations Centre for the local community?

I think it would make for a really interesting visit.


The Priory of Nocton Park

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