Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Sowerby Homes - Nocton Park

Unfinished roads

Back in April 2016, I reported on the overall poor surface of roads serving the Sowerby Homes development at Nocton Park.

Furthermore, there were reports of some inconvenience for residents living on Wegberg Rd during work to improve drainage, as part of the final phase of building work in Holly Close.

With the building work for Phase 3 now complete, all that remains is for the developer to tidy the site and complete the road surface to Nocton Park Rd, Wegberg Rd and Holly Close. However, before the top surface can be laid, I understand remedial work is required to raise the level of Nocton Park Rd, in order to comply with requirements of Lincolnshire Highways. There were concerns over the steep gradients for driveways to a number of properties.

This remedial work now appears to be underway - please see the photographs taken last Wednesday (Plates 1 - 3) showing the survey stakes in place. If you look closely, the white markings on the stakes seem to indicate the revised height - quite a difference to the original level of the road/footway.

Plate 1 - Nocton Park Rd

Plate 2 - Survey stakes and caps

Plate 3 - Survey markings
I revisited the site on Sunday (12th March), and Plates 4 - 8 now show the revised height and kerbing for the road, which will certainly improve access to those properties.

Plate 4 - Nocton Park Rd

Plate 5 - Increase in road level

Plate 6 - Kerb height

Plate 7 - Gradient of driveways will be
significantly reduced

Plate 8 - View from Woodland Drive
[Please pass this message to neighbours and note comments about delivery wagons]

Things are moving along quite well on the road now and I have arranged for the tarmacers to be base coating the raised section on Nocton Park Road next Wednesday or Thursday. So we shall need to close Nocton Park Road from Monday and diverting the traffic along Habbaniya Rise and exiting on to Bridleway Close with traffic lights set up through the narrow paved section, if you can inform all the residents please and for no delivery lorries over this period until Friday 24th.

We shall then continue to complete the footpaths and replace all the damaged kerbs throughout Phase 1 & 2 and then the tarmacers will return to carry out the top coat in very early April.

Message from Fiona Goldsby ['What's on in Nocton, Lincolnshire' Facebook page]

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