Saturday, 15 April 2017

Sowerby Homes - Nocton Park

Resurfacing work

Further to my last report dated 14 March, I am sure residents are pleased to see the resurfacing work on Nocton Park Road has been completed.

Plate 1 - Main access to Nocton Park Road

Plate 2 - Verges and hedging well maintained

Plate 3 - New top surfacing for roads and footpaths

Plate 4 - No raised grids and manholes

Plate 5 - No potholes and puddles

Plate 6 - Road surfacing for Phase 2 completed too

Plate 7 - Top surfacing finishes at the culvert

In a recent letter to residents, there was this comment from the developer:

"We shall still be around for a few weeks completing the work for Anglian Water along Wegberg Road and then clearing the yard..."

Plate 8 - Access to the 'yard'

Plate 9 - Contents of the 'yard'

Plate 10 - Another view of the 'yard'

However, in the letter there was no mention of final 'top coating works' for Wegberg Road and Holly Close, but I assume this work will be completed prior to Sowerby Homes finally leaving the Nocton Park development.

Plate 11 - Wegberg Road still to be completed

Plate 12 - The alternative 'yard' on Plot 72A

Plate 13 - Top surface of road and footpaths
in Wegberg Road and Holly Close still awaited

Finally, you may remember my report as far back as April 2016 about the poor state of the roads in Nocton Park. Let's be optimistic for it not to take another year to get the remaining work completed.

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