Thursday, 23 November 2017

Nocton Hall/RAF Hospital - damage

Latest incident

Over the weekend of 18/19 November, there has been extensive damage to the locks and gates at the entrance to the old RAF Hospital site.

Locks glued and secured with barbed wire

Gate hinges severed

Why people would want to do this can only be imagined.

Although there are thought to be infra-red/motion sensors and CCTV located around the site, any help in identifying the offenders would be gratefully appreciated.

Contact the Local Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator; alternatively phone Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 or Lincolnshire Police on 101 with your information.

Future development

Leda Properties have owned the old RAF Hospital site since year 2000 and whilst there were initial plans to develop the site in 2002, saving/protecting the Grade II listed Nocton Hall in the process, nothing has ever come of it.

Nocton Hall - an abandoned mansion - has since been subject to substantial fire damage in 2004... and then in 2009 appeared on the Victorian Society's top ten list of endangered properties in the UK.

As a listed building, one would have expected the local North Kesteven District Council to use all its powers to safeguard such a heritage property from further dilapidation. Yet apart from extending the Nocton Conservation Area to incorporate the site, and arrange for an Options Appraisal and Funding Report to be prepared, it is my opinion very little else has been done to further protect this local historical asset. It is high time this changed.

Brownfield Land Register

I refer to my blog dated 4 Nov 2017  about such matters.

We now know Nocton Hall and the RAF Hospital site appears on the new 'Brownfield Land Register' indicating that it is ripe for residential development.  With additional proposals in the Budget 2017 relating to England's housing market, the Government appear to have 'investors' who are sitting on undeveloped land in their sights.

There will be a review of planning law, with a specific focus on the issue of 'land-banking' and this may involve a greater use of compulsory purchase orders to get projects off the ground.

It will be interesting to see if this will bring about a new energy in saving Nocton Hall and developing the old RAF Hospital site in the next few years.

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