Monday, 19 October 2015

Nocton Hall - endangered

Ten iconic Lincolnshire buildings standing empty today – and their fascinating histories

Our very own Nocton Hall is mentioned - but the researcher seems to have slightly mixed up the original 'old' Hall, which was completely destroyed... with the rather newer version that was rebuilt in its place... and still stands today, albeit as a ruin.

For more details on the history of Nocton Hall, you may like to read the excellent Revelations of an Imp.  Chapter 11 has a specific mention of the fire, which all but destroyed the original 'old' Hall.

Leda Properties

This company is the current owner of Nocton Hall and the surrounding land, including the old RAF Hospital site. I have therefore incorporated a link to their company website in my 'Companion Sites' column.

I see from the recent Parish Council Report that Leda may well be attending the next Parish Council meeting on 10th November to outline their latest plans for development of the Nocton Hall site. If you intend going to the meeting, you may like some background reading about some of the other speculative developments Leda are involved in.

Tesco shelve Royal Wootton Bassett supermarket plan

'Leda Properties Limited and Tesco Stores Limited first showed an interest in developing the site... but proposals to build a 2,800 square metre supermarket, 320 new homes, a community hub of up to 500 square metres and a senior living development of 33 units alongside public open spaces and landscaping fiercely divided opinion in the town.'

See full article here.

Bureau West site in Devizes is sold on

'The former Ministry of Defence computer centre was bought by Leda Properties which applied for planning permission for 172 homes, a care home and office space on the site. It was turned down by Kennet District Council but the company won an appeal.'

See full article here.

Kemp & Kemp

This company appear to have acted on behalf of Leda Properties in respect of their planning applications - these two documents may give an insight into their modus operandi:

Wiltshire District Council 2013

Stroud District Council 2014

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