Friday, 3 March 2017

Dyson buys ex-RAF base

Dyson to increase UK base tenfold as it buys ex-RAF base to satisfy expansion plans

'Sir James Dyson - who has already invested £250m into the company’s global base in Malmesbury, Wiltshire - has bought a nearby World War II airfield is developing it into a new technical centre.'

Dyson shrugs off Brexit fears with massive UK expansion plan

'Technology group to open new 210-hectare campus as part of £2.5bn investment and plans to double workforce.'

Nocton Hall and RAF Hospital

When I first saw the headlines above, my heart skipped a beat. For a brief moment, I thought that Sir James just might have bought the old RAF hospital site, to create a northern high-tech R & D centre perhaps. This wasn't to be the case, unfortunately.

Dreams aside, Dyson's new expansion is good news for the UK in general and a real vote of confidence for the economic future after Brexit.

Nocton Dairies Ltd

I still recall our intensive campaign against plans for a mega dairy on Nocton Heath and our relief when Sir James Dyson and Beeswax Farming purchased the Nocton Estate as a long-term investment for his family.

It now appears the milk industry are finally starting to wake up to the environmental implications of intensive dairying... with the public perception that these huge facilities are not necessarily the best for animal welfare.

Following all my research for the campaign, I no longer drink any milk that comes from intensively farmed cows. I decided to support those farmers who graze their stock on pasture for a significant part of the year, providing an organic diet and high welfare standards for their cows. Waitrose were one of the first supermarket chains to guarantee that all the cows providing milk and cream had access to grazing. Now it seems Associated Dairies are taking this a step further with their minimum guarantee of six months grazing.

Asda to become the first major UK retailer to sell 'free-range milk'

'The milk will carry a ‘Pasture Promos’ logo, which guarantees that it comes from cows grazed for at least six months and shows that farmers were offered a fair price for the produce.'

Long may this continue.

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