Thursday, 2 March 2017

Nocton and Potterhanworth Neighbourhood Plan [NPNP]

Publicity Stage - concluded

The following information has been published on the North Kesteven District Council website showing the publicity stage as being concluded on 23rd January 2017. There were a number of respondents:
  1. Gladman Developments Ltd
  2. Lincolnshire County Council Highways
  3. Leda Properties Ltd
  4. Natural England
  5. Nocton resident x 1

Examination Stage (subject to amendments)

The North Kesteven District Council's response appears quite favourable:

"Overall, it is considered that the NPNP is well presented and it is a well written planning document that is fit for purpose. It is considered that, subject to some minor amendments as proposed in the below assessment, the plan meets the Basic Conditions, both when considered against the North Kesteven Local Plan (2007) and the policies in the emerging Central Lincolnshire Local Plan, as required by regulation and therefore should proceed to referendum."

Nocton Parish Council are now considering the implications of these 'minor amendments' and will provide an update in due course. The NPNP cannot progress to referendum until an agreement has been reached with North Kesteven District Council on the final wording.

I find it quite interesting to note that Gladman Developments submitted a document for consideration during the Publicity phase, given that when I contacted the company back in December 2014, they didn't appear to be interested in the Nocton Hall site at all.

I wonder whether Gladman Developments and Leda Properties are now working in partnership to develop plans for the Nocton Hall and RAF Hospital sites?

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