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Nocton Hall/RAF Hospital - screening request

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I refer to my blog dated 12 December 2017 regarding the Environmental Impact Screening Request submitted to North Kesteven District Council.

You may like to know that I have had the following replies to my enquiries.  A summary is as follows:
  • Leda Properties Ltd and their representatives have been receiving pre-planning 'advice' from NKDC since 2015
  • Heritage Lincolnshire provide archaeological advice to NKDC as a matter of course, without having to be a statutory consultee in a planning application
  • Historic England must be made a statutory consultee, where an application relates to Grade I or II* Listed Buildings, but not necessarily in a case involving a Grade II Listed property
  • Both Heritage Lincolnshire and Historic England have had 'input' to the pre-planning discussions
  • The screening request deadline for NKDC to respond to the applicant, has been pushed back to 02 Feb 2018

Emails received

From: Marianna Porter - NKDC
Sent: 21 December 2017 15.55
To: Geoff Hall
Subject: RE: Nocton Hall - Grade II Listed - Lincolnshire 15/0695/PREAPP and 17/1778/EIASCR

Dear Geoff,

It is difficult to comment at this stage without full details of the submission but it will be assessed within the framework provided by the relevant legislation and guidance including the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990, the National Planning Policy Framework and guidance notes. The impact on the significance of designated and non-designated heritage assets will be a key consideration.

Depending on the type of development proposed Historic England may be a statutory consultee, further information can be found at

Heritage Lincs provide archaeological advice to the Council so would be consulted on any application as a matter of course.

Best wishes
Marianna Porter

Conservation Officer
Development Economic and Cultural Services
01529 414155 Ext 28256

From: Steve Harvey - NKDC
Sent: 21 December 2017 15.55
To: Geoff Hall
Subject: RE: Nocton Hall - Grade II Listed - Lincolnshire 15/0695/PREAPP and 17/1778/EIASCR

Dear Geoff

Further to Marianna’s response, I can only add the following:

As you are aware, there have been ongoing discussions in relation to Nocton Hall site over the past 2-3 years, in essence to advise the owners of the level of information that will be required to support planning and Listed Building Consent applications to secure the future of the ruin.  This is an ongoing process and has involved input from both Historic England and Heritage Lincolnshire as well as other technical consultees such as LCC Highways, the Tree Officer and Consultant Ecologist.

We have secured an extension of time to 2 February 2018 to deal with the screening request which has recently been submitted.

Kind regards,
Steve Harvey
Area Planning Officer
01529 414155 ext 28111

Supplementary Information

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) introduced a new concept of a Local Green Space designation. This is a discretionary designation made by inclusion in a local development plan or neighbourhood development plan.

The adopted Nocton and Potterhanworth Neighbourhood Plan does incorporate designated Local Green Space in the following paragraphs:

"5.2.1    The Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire responses showed that the open green spaces of the parishes were greatly important to many residents and rated most highly of all environmental aspects in the Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire.  It is, therefore, noted that development will not be permitted in areas designated as Local Green Spaces other than in very special circumstances."

"5.2.2    Residents wish green spaces to be preserved and to remain available for public use.  Areas in Nocton designated as Local Green Spaces (and shown as such in the Draft Local Plan) are: the Village Green on School Road; the school playing field on Main Street; most of Nocton Hall grounds; and land to the east of Wegberg Road where Nocton Park playing field and allotments are."

Hopefully, this will restrict any forthcoming 'enabling development' to the RAF Hospital site, avoiding any development within the Conservation Area that incorporates Nocton Hall and its pleasure grounds.

Leda Properties - delivery of new fencing stored on the RAF Hospital site
Incidentally, I noticed this delivery of new fencing just before Christmas - presumably Leda Properties are now intending to replace the damaged Heras fencing around Nocton Hall in the New Year.

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